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About Our Chews

Educational Guide

Male (bull) elk grow a new set of antlers every year. They shed these antlers every year in late winter through early spring in high mountain backcountry. They will begin to grow a new set of antlers in the spring. Shedding happens at a time when testosterone levels are generally at the lowest. The low testosterone levels cause the bone connected to the base of the antler to deteriorate and eventually fall off. The only way to naturally resource a shed is to scout them and hand gather them by foot. In order to find shed antlers, you must find the elk.  Any shed hunter can tell you that the habits and movements of such a large animal are amazingly secretive. Making them even more rewarding to find. Glassing with high power binoculars from a distant vantage point and finding elk bedded is a critical way to keep from disturbing a herd. Elk generally don’t stay in the same location for too long, and locating a bedding area during the afternoon often pinpoints an area to walk through in the morning without alarming the elk too much. This is how we find many of our elk sheds. Forest direct.


Why Antler Chews

Giving your dog something to chew is an important part of their day. It stimulates their mind by providing an activity that is instinctual and fulfilling to any member of the canine species. Chewing elk antlers and deer antlers has many benefits for a dog; it provides mental stimulation while exercising the jaw muscles. It also cleans the teeth effectively by scraping the tooth and loosening plaque and tartar build up. Elk and deer antler chews are a great option, especially for the heavyweight chewer. Antlers are 100% natural, odor-free and can be extremely long lasting. Elk & deer antlers will not splinter or chip away, instead they will be ground down over time as the dog chews on it. Wolves, foxes and other wild canines as well as rodents chew on antlers whenever the opportunity arises since antlers are full of many essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, glucosamine and magnesium. The marrow at the center is tasty, very nutritious and easy to consume and this chew is entirely mess free! What more could you ask for!